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Officers and Committees

The current officers for the Civic Association are listed below:

Their term of office runs from April of 2019 to April of 2020.

Charles Becker - President  

  Patricia Petersky- First Vice President

Vacant - Second Vice President 

Beth Schreiner - Treasurer  

Debra Becker - Secretary   

In addition to the officers listed above, there are several committees and other individuals who form an integral part of the Civic Association: (Note: a new president has been elected.  Committee positions shown below will then be updated as necessary.)

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT                          Mike Wisniewski

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL                              See Covenant

ADVERTISING                                                   Art Foley

ARCHIVIST                                                        Mike Wisniewski

AUDIT                                                               As Appointed


CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS                           Jim Councilor

DIRECTORY                                                       Kim Grutzik

HOSPITALITY                                                    Kim Grutzik

LAMPLIGHTER                                                  Tim Koczanski

MEMBERSHIP                                                   Vacant

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH                                   Don Johnson

NOMINATING COMMITTEE                                 As Appointed

SECURITY LIAISON                                           Don Johnson

SLEEPYNET                                                      Beth Schreiner

WEBMASTER                                                    Tim Koczanski

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