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A Message from the President

Happy Holidays! I hope this special time of year finds you and your family safe and in good health. Although things are a bit socially distant this year, it is a great time to reflect on the importance of our friends and family. I hope this also extends to our extended neighborhood family and I hope we can get to know each other better in 2021. With a vaccine already being administered, I expect we will start getting back to normal by summer and we can kick off with the largest picnic we have had in several years, possibly in May or June. 


As for the SHWCA, we have kept the organization in caretaker status since the pandemic has begun. Although we haven’t had meetings, we have worked to keep the entrances maintained and some of our committee work functioning. The Neighborhood Watch teams have continued their great work, remaining vigilant to keep our community safe. The Architectural Committee has advised those expanding homes or updating properties to ensure the character of area is maintained. Also, our dedicated team of volunteers has been tirelessly working to publish the Lamplighter and the Directory. We also managed to coordinate some food trucks last summer and we had volunteers coordinate a safe trick-or-treating and cookie exchange. We also managed to conduct a socially distant Membership Drive to avoid unnecessary risk to our community. Although we had some success, our participation was down roughly 70 households this year, likely due to the inability to engage face-to-face.  If you haven’t joined the Association, I ask you please consider doing so. As we aren’t an HOA, joining is completely voluntary, but critical to continue the work of the Association. The very small fee of $30 annually makes a big impact. The bulk of the funds goes to maintaining the community entrances. This pays for mowing, mulching, leaf removal, landscaping, painting and repair of the stonework and signs, and maintenance and operation of the gas lamps. The dues also pay for the Annual Picnic, which is free to the entire SHW community, and subsidize, if necessary, Oktoberfest and the Wine and Cheese Social. We are also looking at new family-oriented events once the pandemic is over.  It’s never too late to join. The success of the Association depends on you. Finally, it’s time to announce the winners of the SHWCA Holiday Decoration Contest (another event funded by membership). This year our volunteer judges declared First Place to a group effort on the cul-de-sac at 6800, 6802, 6804, 6806 Murray Lane. You can’t miss it. Second Place goes to 6815 Murray Lane, and Honorable Mentions go to 6724 Rosewood Street and 6848 Murray Lane. They will be receiving their gift cards shortly. Thanks to the judges and I hope you can get out and enjoy all the decorations in the neighborhood. Most of all, on behalf of the SHWCA Executive Committee, I wish everyone a joyous Holiday Season and look forward to seeing you around the Woods in the New Year. 


Charles Becker

SHWCA President

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Sleepy Hollow Woods Civic Association.


Sleepy Hollow Woods is a neighborhood of 377 homes (including Oak Knoll Estates, which is part of the Sleepy Hollow Woods Civic Association area) located in the Mason District of Fairfax County.  The community was founded in 1959, and remains one of the premier sites in the Northern Virginia area.  We are located in Annandale, Virginia, just off Columbia Pike and Sleepy Hollow Road.  For more information about our neighborhood, including its history, a local map, photos, and other info, click on the Our Community button above.


This site is intended to be another way of keeping our residents up-to-date on what is happening in the Woods, to let other people know about our community, and to serve as a central point for access to the various community documents.


SHWCA is also on Facebook.  Click here to go to our Facebook group.